Amazon Web Services Partner Program
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Consulting Partner Tiers & Requirements

Upon registration with the AWS, you are able to register as an APN Consulting Partner. 
Consulting partners consist of  Professional Service Firms that provide professional services,
AWS integration, migration and managed services. Examples include Value-Added Resellers. 

The APN categorises its consulting partners according to 4 different tiers. Beginning as a registered partner,you have the opportunity to move up tiers in the APN as you grow your AWS-based practice and achieve various requirements needed for recognition as a higher tier. consulting partner.
AWS engages on a deeper level with its higher-tier APN partners.

The performance based tiers are listed below: 

Partner Requirements Standard Advanced Premier
APN Program Fee $2,500/year $2,500/year $2,500/year 
Customer References on AWS 2 6 10 within the past 12 months
AWS Technical Professional Accreditations or Instructor-Led Training 2 8 20
AWS Business Professional Accreditations 2 8 20
AWS TCO & Cloud Economics Accreditations   4 8
AWS Certifications - Associate Level 2 4 20
AWS Certifications - Professional Level
  2 8
Minimum Direct and Influenced AWS Billings (3 month average) $1K $50K Must achieve minimum AWS billing requirements per region
AWS Support Level Developer+ Business+ Business+
Advanced Level for 12+ months    
APN Competency     1
Audited Managed Service Provider orDevOps Consulting Competency    
AWS Partner Practice Plan    
Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Review    
Dedicated Partner Alliance Manager for AWS    
Dedicated Project Manager for AWS    
Adheres to AWS Security Best Practices*    
Demonstrates quality delivery capabilities across designated country or region    

The requirements for moving up in the APN tiers are structured in such a way that you quality for higher tiers as you grow in your business and technical
expertise of the AWS platform, have proven customer success, build your solutions to be well-architected and validated on AWS, and demonstrate your
commitment to building on AWS. 

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